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If you can walk, you can Nordic Walk!

Beneficial Exercise for all levels

Nordic Walking is a whole body, aerobic exercise suitable for all, at any level, irrespective of age or physical fitness, using and toning 90% of the skeletal muscles. It’s low impact and helps improve posture, heart health, weight and mobility. Enhanced blood circulation, metabolism and calorie burn (up to 40% more than ordinary walking) are brilliant for aiding weight loss and safely combat obesity. There is wealth of research available from British Nordic Walking Here


Having parcipitated in the Nordic Walking Course at the Coddenham centre, on behalf of my partner and I, we would like to comment on how well we thought this course was run in these difficult times. Our instructor, Jane, managed to make us all feel welcome and was a superb teacher. The gentle exercises that started us off certainly helped the less fit to get warmed up and being supplied with the correct size poles certainly helped. Once we got going her enthusiasm and patience were appreciated by all but her skill at putting across the technique was laudable.

We all felt, no matter our fitness or skill level, that Jane was able to instruct us personally and it made this both an enjoyable and interesting introduction to Nordic Walking. As we progressed through the course her positive attitude and upbeat approach made each week something to look forward to and I noticed that all her pupils have now signed up for the weekly walks that she leads which speaks for itself!

Sincerely Richard B


Start Nordic Walking with our very own British Nordic Walking qualified instructor

Pop along for a free taster session, join a regular walk, or sign up for training with our resident British Nordic Walking qualified instructor from the Suffolk School of Nordic Walking  @The Coddenham Centre.

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Jane MacPherson

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