Over 50's Ballet

Silver Swans® accredited classes


Coddenham Centre Tennis Cours

Silver Swans Ballet Classes at The Coddenham Centre

Every Monday 10am – 11am

Silver Swans® ballet classes have been specifically designed for over-55s. But whatever your age, if you are looking for a new way to keep fit and have fun, our ballet classes will put a spring in your step. Whether you’ve never danced before or want to get back into the swing of it, Silver Swan classes have something for everyone.

Ballet at the Coddenham Centre

All classes are taught by a registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance, ensuring you get the best experience. Silver Swans will help improve your mobility, posture, co-ordination, and energy levels. Additionally, you will learn the traditional ballet steps and perform them to instantly recognise classical ballet music. This class is accessible to all abilities, it provides the right movements that work with your body to give you a comfortable workout.

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Lily Turner Smith

Tel: 07872436307

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