The Coddenham Centre and the Environment

Playing our part in Regional & National Targets



The Coddenham Centre is committed to playing its part in contributing to national and regional targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

In July 2021 we were awarded a Bronze Carbon Charter and a copy of our press release of the 16th August can be found immediately below.

Download the Carbon Charter Press Release August 21 TCC-Enviromental-Policy-Statement-Vers 6 Oct 21. Doc file here

The Suffolk Charter forms a framework for our existing and future development and includes the following commitment.

The Coddenham Centre’s registered Charter commits to working in the interests of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants of Coddenham and surrounds and to endeavour to protect that purpose. We seek to extend that role in considering the environment in everything that we do and to play a part on behalf of Trustees, stakeholders and the community, in achieving local, national and global targets for zero carbon emissions.


We support Suffolk’s ’25 x 25′ initative and the committment to Zero Carbon by 2030.

The Statement and Action Plan is at the foot of this page and will be updated on a regular basis.

If you have any questions please email:

October 2023 V6 Environmental Statement and Action Version 6B Nov 23

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