Information about Coddenham Centre, the Charity and the Trustees


The Coddenham Centre enjoys the support of not only our Trustees and staff, but other volunteers in the community helping us to achieve a sustainable success.

Key maintenance and other projects are regularly helped by Mr Alan West. We also have a number of representatives in a Centre Management Group which includes not only our regular customers, but local residents, Roy Groom, Debbie McDonnell (now a Trustee), Jane Soanes, Madge Pelling, Tracy Forrest, Jill West and others.

In addition, we receive monetary support from the following.

Coddenham Parish Council

The Coddenham Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CCCIO) took on the Centre for the CPC in November 2019.  We were indebted to members of the CPC Working Group who helped address several issues that arose in the transfer process.

In consideration of our taking on all risk and an existing loss making situation, CPC kindly continues to help underwrite operating costs for the foreseeable future. You can get the latest information from

The CCCIO in turn, are committed to reducing their dependency over the next four years and had already made progress, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Day Foundation

The Foundation has historically been a benefactor to the Centre and continues to assist us in our work.

The Gardemau Trust

The Trust have also been a welcome benefactor to the Centre.

Community Action Suffolk

We have been beneficiaries of Community Action Suffolk Pro Help Scheme – with services provided by Paul Weston Architect, Castons Quantity Surveyors and accountants.

Fit Villages – part of Active Suffolk

We have benefited from and continue to be supported by Fit Villages and plan exciting new programmes soon. 

Suffolk Good Neighbour Network Logo

If you feel you too can help or volunteer please contact our Chairman, Andrew MacPherson

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