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Some History

At the end of 2018 an approach  to our current chairman was made by the Coddenham Parish Council to set up a charity to acquire the Codddenham Community Hall, and manage its future sustainability.

The approach was initiated by a long standing obligation under the terms of building the new hall, to transfer the asset to charitable status.

In May 2019, the charity was created and the transfer effected in November of that year, rebranding as ‘The Coddenham Centre’.  The details of formation and first year trading,  can be found at the Charity Commission here.

The transfer was deemed as ‘unencumbered’ , with responsibility for historic liabilities and financing decisions made by the Parish Council, not to be transferred.

The transfer was accompanied by the transfer of the existing cash reserves held by the Council and a commitment that the existing annual precept (charge to all parishioners) would continue to support the Centre. The new Trustees voluntarily expressed confidence that the Centre could be more sustainably managed and they would aim to reduce the dependency on the community by 50% within five years.

The First Two Years

We have now just passed our second anniversary in unprecedented circumstances. No one anticipated a global pandemic within six months of starting. In addition a significant number of legacy issues emerged, the premises it appeared having been inadequately managed for several years.

We are dealing with all these challenges and you can find here our most recent submission to Coddenham Parish Council of November 2021 in respect of the 22/23 financial year.

Final CPC 1st Nov21_TCC MACP the Coddenham Centre Budget Commentary 2022-23 v1.2-1

Budget 22-23

While we provided a significant amount of further information in November, there was a significant delay in obtaining assurances in respect of ongoing support. The Charity was concerned by an implied intention via Councillor correspondence with residents, to reduce precept funding, despite a progressive reduction in demand.

The Charity has made it clear at the a public meeting of the 16th November that any reduction would mean the erosion of reserves and potentially make the position of Trustees, untenable.

A further statement was made by the Coddenham Centre at the request of the Parish Council and a transcript is provided here.

Parish Council Statement 181121

Assurances were verbally provided that there would be no need to redirect reserves. However, the Parish Council did not convene until the following year to agree the budget, some two months hence.

Against a backdrop of COVID and other challenges, this delay created further pressures on our limited resources. We were therefore greatly encouraged by a wide display of support from the community in the face of the Coddenham Parish Councils January proposal to almost remove support in its entirety, in net terms.

The details can be found on their website. In light of our and the public’s representations, (details of the former statement are attached), funding was subsequently adjusted, leaving a much smaller short-fall in support. Minuted details are to be published.

PDF WEB CPC-Presentation-Jan-2022

We remain committed to working with the Parish Council and as we again outlined publicly in January, we have always seen this relationship as a partnership working in the interests of the health and wellbeing of the community.

We thank everyone for their support.

Further information can be obtained from;

Ray Collins – the Treasurer ray.collins@thecoddenhamcentre.co.uk

Andrew MacPherson – the Chairman andrew.macpherson@thecoddenhamcentre.co.uk

Alternatively, click on the enquiry link at the head of the page.





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