Dru Yoga is a gentle, flowing yoga, for all bodies, ages, sizes and bendiness levels.


TCC Entrance with Nordic Walkers

Dru Yoga

At The Coddenham Centre Thursdays 1.45pm-3pm

Dru Yoga is a gentle, flowing yoga for all bodies, ages, sizes and bendiness levels. My classes have modifications for those who need them so they can access the benefits of the yoga fully and harder options for those who wish to work more intensively.

Specific body preps, muscle strengtheners, stretches and core work is included as appropriate to the lesson aims. Dru yoga also includes wonderful ‘Energy Block Release’ sequences, a bit like Qi Gong to unkink the body and mind, bringing hugely improved energy levels. Pranayama or breath work is also included to rebalance the body.

The word ‘Dru’ is another word for the North Star, around which it appears to us, the whole Universe is revolving. Dru is about finding your still point within, stillness in motion! For me, it is like a moving meditation, taking you from your busy, buzzing mind to enjoy being you in your own body.

The class is 1 hour and 15minutes as this allows for a fabulous 15 minute guided deep relaxation at the end. Many clients notice improved sleep after just one class.

For more information contact:

Carole Dobson

Call 07976119081
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